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Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'd like to walk with you

There are kindred souls that need no further intimacy but acceptance through a smile, a word, a touch. To friends.

I think I'd like to walk with you
over fields of granite stone
in skipping over cracks
fingers touching
keeping balance
a dance of friendship
in youth renewed

I think I'd like to walk with you
down there,
at the edge of town
twenty seven
and not a wisp of wind
large flakes parachuting,
blessing and anointing
our wishes

the snow just deep enough
to chase others to books
as we write our own

you'd hold my arm
I'd clasp your hand
we'd smile, even giggle
but not jabber as others do
for our thoughts would already be
tucked in warm entwine

the snow would give that glow
you know the one
like the moon came down
and left itself behind
it would be so so late
when this we did
and somehow
right on time

I think I'd like to walk with you
on roads of narrow nothing
warm and breezy
soft and slow
sweet wheat high
on waves of tender

you'd look that way
and I over here
as bugs that haunt
summer fields
fly and sing
to our waltz

We'd smile
so glad for the day
and time would be
the world's folly

but we'd talk very little
as a finely tuned piano
should never hide in the rush
when we'd walk
old women who never had
and never would
would," well! dear me! I've never!"
and old men
would lean on their worn tools
and smile at the thought

to know you
on snowy evenings
to smell your freshness
on summer passing
to skip on dance floor stone
I think my mind would be the richer
my thoughts the kinder
my touch more gentle

I think I'd like to walk with you..