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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Swallowed in Green

Sometimes, emotions come in a flood. Sometimes rest, peace and love come in a torrent. Sometimes it's best to just give in and be washed over.

feet in sand
soft and giving
and washed over

the sound
a whisper
that roars
in beckon
and warn
the way
I like it

it fills
my ears
and then my heart
and then my past
and then my future
and then my pulse
and then
I burst into surf

breaking over rocks
I rush
to join it
onslaught poured
it swallows
me full

in emerald silence

so quiet
so peaceful
so full
a hum
that kneads
and lifts my surrender

I roll
to engulf
and quake
in silent forever

my body
naked for shiver
in wet entwine
to know green fingers
of insidious delight

a spectacle,
for those
that light the way
of nature’s
blended fury

above me,
a storm
to Jacob’s herd
and Rachel’s jealousy

but here,
all is calm
in silent drift
breathless mercy
as I green
to aqua blue
becoming turquoise
as yesterday’s