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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

along the highway

I remember your eyes
in the fields I pass breezing
the same wave in golden luster

The farms of years lean
sway the barns
bending the horizon
into unkempt shadows, that
tell me of your crooked smile

the cities harmonize
your laughter in their
crowded stretch
and life knowing windows

The windmills,
giant and playful
in broken rhythm
are the time we somersaulted
a soft cool hillside

rivers tell me our dreams, and
still know hope in quiet solitude
beneath the bridge
where the ghost of an ancient
still floats his line

and there, stretching
and shimmering
in dawns first light
are the tracks that carry
the ghost of our spirit
on an otherwise empty train
to Taiwan

Ponds are small wishes
held tightly in our hands
once again young

the day plays its melody
to the things neatly harboured
in our sad remembrance
and once vibrant vision

and I smile
with only a hint of sadness
far shy of regret
while my window down
gulps remorse
and casts it into the ditch
where crows may feast