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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Danger of Her Allure

as she sleeps, i peek under her skirt

she begins to wake, shake her hair

her eye opens-and spies me

she puts on her make up
i get hard

come baby, come in.
don't mind the sentry

i lose my breath
her breasts grace the sky

she slips her stockings on

come on baby, come closer
you know you want to
want me to love you
i long to kiss her sweet thighs

the sky becomes her elogance
i am hypnotized
by her beauty

but i begin to feel small
it grows dark
between her legs
but still, she beckons
blinding my fear

her legs close
her smell engulfs me
i lose my way
she says, come
come closer
inside me

darkness has come
i am inside of her
having eaten
and there is no
her beauty
only the allusion
that broke my heart