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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Day I Fell Off The Earth

I've spent a life straddling the edge. It only figures that someday your foot's gonna slip. It's funny though. I never fell off by a lean. I fell off by a push and a pull. I never seen it coming.
the day I fell off the earth,
I was minding my own business.
really I was.
I wasn't looking for the edge
it just found me

I was on a wild ocean
fishing for flatfish
in too small a boat.
we were on fire,
too fully loaded,
and Frank was a madman

but that's not when I fell off the earth

I was on a mountain
rain turned to snow
morning to evening
I was alone and lost
eighty miles from anywhere.
I wandered blindly
as bears kept my trail
I bargained with God

but that's not where I fell off the earth

I drove her car
drunk and asleep
we hit the ditch at ninety, I suppose,
flew above the moon and half of jupiter
and landed in the corn

but that's not where I fell off the earth

I walked a railroad track
and counted cadence
while stepping the ties.
the rail tempted my balance
and on it I climbed
with arms outstretched.
while I felt the touch
I held my steady
and knew the smooth.
a lean here, a pull there
a soft blow to the wobble
and a smile to assurance of gentle guidance

there was no train
the earth was flat and wide
though I kept to the rail
and floated above the glimmered steel

that is where I fell off the earth