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Monday, July 9, 2012

Heart of a Warrior

Hands tied by bonds of distance
In miles and minutes
And lack of knowing

My eyes can’t see
nor be seen
Pane to the pain

Wishing the hurt could be mine
So just for a time
It wouldn’t have to be yours

Wishing can’t heal
Tears can’t stitch
In fact
It only stretches the bag
With more hurt, as if

So afraid
So afraid
The weariness of
Never winning
Could cause the spirit
To surrender
And great deep eyes
To shed the intensity
That defines what you are

I no longer want the home run
What petty desires
I want game over
No more innings or stitched pitches
From one
Who pitches unfairly
Or seemingly so
To one
Who never desired the game
But just happened by

Spin the wheel
See what comes up
No matter
The earn or deserve
Stuck or crowned just the same

My regrets
Are of my making
Of my choosing

How can birth be done over
And why only one spin
Who should regret

How gladly,
Would I surrender my pile
At the table
Give all my swings to you
For just one swing
At pillows unblemished
Sleep untarnished
And skin unscarred

Or so I say
How brave and daring
We are when we can’t
This forgive me

But these are my thoughts
Not yours
And pathetic mine are

yours seem to be of
Smiles and laughter
Friends, caring, giving,
Fighting, dancing and such

But mostly drinking.
Drinking in of life
And all you can gather
A bouquet of rainbowed infinity

And you share
Giving to all who accept
Whether worthy or not
This I know

Snow angels and wet feet
Words stitched with no seam
A presence that welcomes

And wise are you
For what evil and dark
Can find space in such light

A fight of abundance over shedding
Knowing what is value

How I admire you my friend
For how you’ve chosen to battle
Sword drawn and shield up
You have not the heart of a warrior
You are the heart of a warrior!

*I wrote this several years ago for a firend of mine, Charli, We've lost touch but I know she's out there somewhere making friends smile*