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Monday, July 16, 2012

Rainy Day

there's something different
a wave on the wind
a scent in the air
time in eclipse
it's coming

not as a plane
boasting it's speed
but more, I'd say
a train out of sight
sneaking into town

now they come out
if only to come in
those that take their jazz black
leaving sweeteners to
multi colored beachballs

Glasses must be sported
the book fetched
work passed to slaves
of another day

this is why
feet cross on the arm of the couch
and why socks are made thick
and fuzzy
and why Bose can be
oh so good!

now the shades of the room
know pupose
and the art it's place

cats of lazy too
make perfect sense
showing us how
it's done

We've nothing against
dandelions on blue
and children in sand.
and pretty girls in
bright colours

why, tomorrow,
we'll kite along
blending right in
and make noise
as we sweeten our coffee

chitter chatter

but see you here,
we are rainy day people
and we feel it on the air
we sense it in our soul
and must take cover

for there is treasure
in such days
and such weather
soft in the couch
soft in the music
easy in passing