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Monday, July 9, 2012

I saw a gypsy

Watching Gypsies

I saw a gypsy
or did she see me

She moved like a kite
on a wild day

How many ways can locks fly
in perfect stray

she frames the day
and calls it her own
who dare challenge?

Taller than height
longer than reach
more real than she is

she measures me
and I bow in honor

my wallet
my scarf
my heart

She'll take it all
and laugh at my ruin

I'll only miss her
and her ways

her freedom
her snares for others

her knowing
of my heart

To lay with a king
or paupers
no matter

only their spangles and baubles
now hers

fingers rolling through fields of glass
she makes them sparkle

Does she know love
or even lust
or the difference?

or just the love of lust
for all things others

Propriety mocked
laws ridiculed
the laws of cleanliness
what she deems for the day

Where then the elegance?
in the wildness
of her boldnes

I saw a gypsy
and she was me
hidden from fear
unshackled and loosed

bound by freedom alone

but only for a moment
and she was gone