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Monday, July 9, 2012

reaching for the stars

Sometimes I wish (as you may have noticed, often actually) that I had that child thing. That thing children have where they don't wonder where tomorrow's meals will come from. That thing that makes dolls come to life and Tonka trucks to roll. Where they see stars but don't understand distance. Where everything is in reach and facts are smoke.
I suppose it is one too many defeats somewhere down the line that brought us to the cold hard slap we call reality. But who's to say we're not just part of someone else's dream and reality can be changed.
To the ant, the world and even universe, exist entirely in the expanse of our yards and we their gods, who choose on a whim whether they live or die. Their only dream-the crumb within sight.
Hmmm....maybe, perhaps, we limit ourselves by the fear of the unknown. Bound by chains of security. ....Anyway
feeling, stretching
for what can not be seen
seeing what can not be touched
touching what can only be sensed

blind ambition
still is.
hope based, child like
dream fed

fences folded
guards asleep
and stars shine
for you alone

little ones reach
and squeeze
all gimme gimme
to the wag of our finger
and smalling of our lips
restoring proper order

and learn they do
lessons of limit
and control
and of only what I say
wanting wasted

and surely desire
must bide the rules
keeping respect
and propriety
as established long ago

but still, we reach
and squeeze little fist
all gimme gimme

were the stars
set before us
to tease and taunt
or merely
to encourage

reach, feel

authors and degrees
mark our limits
and back them with fact
yet, the spirit
and the heart
see what cannot be seen
and touch
with intangibles
making all things
fair game and within reach

no, I cannot touch the stars tonite
but they me. For limits
they've not learned
and reaching, they sometimes honour

my eyes close
and mind opens
to the vision, the image
the little gimme gimme
in the shadows
reaching beyond

a star exploding
in brilliant white
showering the hope
with promise
and joy
this all
before the filthy dust
of no noers
say stop
and behave