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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Depth of our Desire

The Depth of our Desire

she walks
on threads of
golden sand
wearing herself
as a cloak

rising up
without effort
her feet rule the fog
and the mist dress
her locks

her eyes betray,
only garnishment
for the wisp of time
her tool of vision

and moods
she only knows one
lips merely entice
with pleading whispers
the game
long ago up

turquoise layered
an uneven flow
my swimming vision

the water rises
and carries
me to her
us to one
she the power

I swim in
her depths
height to breadth
only guided
by her countenance

there are no reds
here. nor yellows
and orange
only my blue wants
to her green gives,
our turquoise desire

we swim the depths
and own them
the beauty of our desire
enough to chase
dogs that howl
and envy our stroke

I'll find her
when I need her
along the cliffs
and whispering
of turquoise