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Monday, July 9, 2012

When She Smiles

when she smiles
all becomes right
presidents are smart
wars are distant
debts are forgotten

children can play in streets
grocers smile and give apples
strawberry becomes more strawberry
and ice cream never melts

then there's the other smile
signaled from the foyer
across the table
a brush on the feet
over coffee

a look down the hall
over the shoulder
lips become fuller
steps say come hither

if you dare

this smile promises
straps can fall
silk can slide
skin can heat

two rhythms become one beat and one breath

phones unplugged
tv's undone
words hushed
moons attentive
candles steady in lavender

eyes saying now
nails dig in want,
and search.
toes curl and stretch
to the back's arch
and pulled hair

shame shamed and departed
blush from passion alone

trees in a rain forest
how do they know where to grow
like this,
as limbs move without planning
still finding their place

tomorrow children can play in streets
and clerks pass apples
for everything under the sun
a purpose, a time, a place
...and a smile