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Monday, July 9, 2012

Going to Egypt

Daydreams are funny things. They have minds and plans of their own. You can preach common sense and wag your finger but they just won't listen or obey. If you're not careful, you could find yourself in Egypt.

Honey, we're going to Egypt tonight.

she said it so matter of factly
like let's tea at the Williams
her blend is always the best
and his fires crackle with delight

But the Williams don't live in Egypt
nor is the Nile their copper driveway
these things take time, and planning.
airplanes and motorbikes

you can’t just up and off
you must order and correct
dot your i's and feed the cat

this isn’t Dubai, you know

Honey, we’re going to Egypt.
Can you believe she said that?
why yes, and I suppose we’ll rocket to mars
tomorrow afternoon
and perhaps throw darts at the pope’s fat ass
on Sunday morning
these things just aren’t done,
you see

stamp twice, copy thrice
notarize seal and deliver
that’s the ticket!

not throw your ring at the bottle
and win a stuffed moose
sure we pitch pennies to the fountain
but believe? I think not.
just part of the game,

wink, wink

who would gather our paper
and feed our fish, and what would the neighbor's say?

no, this will never do and how silly the thought-
Honey, we're going to Egypt tonight
No, No my dear, we'll stay right here
we'll make chocolate coffee and draw the blinds

we'll dust and vacuum and dress just in case-
the Deacon drops by with his sour wife

and tomorrow, yes tomorrow
we'll talk about Egypt and deserts scape
of myth and lore and treasures galore
and someday, if the cat is no more
the paper too silly and riches do poor
if plans are made and goals met
trophies lined, itineraries set
well, then maybe, my dear
just maybe perhaps
we'll go to the miniature golf down the lane
and walk the great pyramids
and see Pharaoh, dipping our toe in his fine river

no, not tomorrow, I'm sorry
we have tea at the Williams
her blend is so fine and his fires so good
and they live, oh they live,
in so fine a neighborhood
but the day after that, we'll talk once again
and I'll listen, I promise. and nod to your dreams
but remember silly one, dreams they just are
and lands across oceans, oh, dear, they're so far
Honey, tonight we're going to Egypt