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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Love's First Steps

All loves know a first step. An entrance to a passage that must move forward. So often, time adds things that water the soup and we grow tired of fine dining. The things that first made hearts beat to a faster rhythm have never left, they only grew covered in the clutter. Forgiveness, tenderness and remembering, I think, perhaps can filter away some of the clutter. Some things, too, need to be forgotten. I think it's good to revisit Love's first step.

They walk hand in hand
as before
along sunny slopes
and crystal laced mountains
they dip their hands
in each others desires
and create yesterday
once more

They were younger then,
the earth was younger, too
not all formulas
had yet been calculated
and hope rode
on winds of steeled passion

they dreamt in tandem
loved in unison
and worshipped
all that was sweet and lovely

but time, the deviant
is indeed
a cruel joker
with a finger that waves
to your nose
and tells of apple pie
cooling on the sill

tomorrow seems so far
yesterday so last year
and today forever
or so we thought

but to find
the richness in times passing
must be our obligation,
our gift
to each other's mortality
just beyond the mirror

we must go
once again
to hidden coves
saunter through peaceful dells
wade through melodic shores
tasting the love
as new

for honey
is sweet everlasting
that is, unless boiled

it must be trusted
to keep itself
and does
if we let it

so let us explore
as we did
the eyes of adoration
the touch of fingers soft
on shy surfaces
and blush to shiver's tingle

Let's uncover the glow
in covered pans
and let the steam rise
and envelope us
as we walk hand in hand
in first love's
freshest footsteps