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Monday, July 9, 2012

Across The Divide

There are things we hold, things we touch, that are a part of us. Then, there are other things; time, places, things and people beyond our grasp. A chasm between. And we are left to look and long and wonder and even wish, perhaps. But the gulf cannot be crossed without great hurt from the fall. Oh to fly! To fly and soar on the wings of passion and desire alone. And for it to be okay. Maybe just for one day...

part of you
part of me
a journey joined
to reclamation
on the pitted road
to what never can be

so much we've tasted
so much we've sown
our nets went wide
our minds have grown
but now it's your heart
I yearn to have known

whistle stops
and dusty roads
hooty owls and horney toads
meadows with small crests
hidden lakes
with peaceful shores
to know you there
to know you more

our purse is lined
with golden trace
we've stitched our lives
with soft fine lace
and yet
we look
across the great divide
do others see,
what we cannot hide?

I want you to
to miss that
to hold me
to have me,
us just alone

so we tempt
and we tease
each others desires
thinking wet
can not spark a fire

but the burn says
it can
and we push to the pull
but alas, oh sweet One
these two parts
still not whole

soon we must turn
to accept what must be
and wonder upon wonder
if ever just ever-
you might have loved me